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Heating Types

Genius can control 4 main types of heating: radiators, hot water tanks, underfloor and electric systems. You can learn more about each one below.


Control each radiator in your home separately so you are only heating the rooms you are using. In rooms with radiators, you can use any of the modes listed below so your heating matches your lifestyle.
Your radiators will communicate with the Genius Hub so they know when you want your rooms heated up and to what temperature. The valves contain 2 temperature sensors so that it can accurately determine the temperature, even though it is on a hot water pipe. By using both sensors and the motor being able to adjust the valve by fractions of a millimeter it can maintain a very steady temperature in each room.
For rooms with multiple radiators, Genius should control both, so that they are working together to heat your rooms quickly, when you want them.

Hot water

With the optional Hot Water control add-on, you can schedule your hot water on the Genius app. Just like setting up a room in timer mode, you can schedule your hot water tank to make sure there is hot water available whenever you need it, using a 7 day timer.

This is fully integrated into the app, and so allows you to take even greater control of your heating system with only a couple of clicks. For those times when you need hot water other than as scheduled, there is Override mode, which just like for your heating will make sure there is hot water available.

Underfloor Heating

Control each zone of your underfloor heating from the Genius Hub app. You can use any of the heating schedules to control your underfloor heating to match your lifestyle. You can use the room sensors like you would in rooms with radiators, so the Genius Hub knows when to warm up your rooms based on when you use them. As the sensors are placed at chest height, these control the room temperature for what you feel. Alternatively, use a wireless room thermostat in the room, giving you the option to manually adjust the heating of your room from a device on the wall. Using our configurable settings, the system can maintain an accurate and steady temperature across a variety of room sizes to give you the most accurate control of your Underfloor Heating. The products used to control wet underfloor heating are the Single Channel Receiver, the Dual Channel Receiver and the Electric Switch.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs are used to boost the signal in your home for the valves, room sensors, boiler controller and house thermostat.
Each Genius system comes with a number of smart plugs to make sure your system work’s reliably.

As smart plugs can also be scheduled to turn on and off from the app, you can set up extra ones up in your home and use them to turn things on and off. This also strengthens your Genius wireless network.


Genius has 4 main modes: off, timer, footprint and override. You can learn more about each one below.

Off mode

This mode is for when you don’t want the room to heat up (such as it is not being used for the next week). When you switch a room off, it saves all of the settings before turning the room off. While in off mode, the room will not call the boiler to heat up the room, unless the temperature drops below 4°C at which point frost protect is activated.

Timer mode

In this mode, you can set up a 7-day schedule to control the heating in this room. You set up a ‘heating period’ to suit your needs, including start time, end time and temperature. When the time reaches this, it will call on the boiler and open the radiator valves. This allows the room to heat up until it reaches the desired temperature. Once this is reached, the boiler is no longer required and the radiator valves then maintain the temperature for the duration set.

If some of your days are similar, it is easy to copy the timers from one day to another, or even one room to another to make setting this up quick and easy. There are no limits imposed on the number of ‘heating periods’ you can set up, as the Genius Hub works to your lifestyle. For those times of day which you do not want the heating on high, you can set a default temperature, so that the room doesn’t cool down too far, so you don't return to a cold house or causing the room to take a long time to heat up again.

Footprinttm mode

Don’t want to have to think about your heating or remember the exact times of day when you are at home, then Footprint mode is for you!

By using the rooms sensors, the Genius Hub learns when the room is used and uses this to predict when to next heat the room. This also works on a 7-day schedule, so it will heat those days when you are at work differently to those you spend at home working, with the children or relaxing. By predicting when the room is used, the Genius Hub will call on the boiler and open the radiator valves to heat the room up for when you normally start to use it. When you no longer normally use the room, the heating will shut off in this room, saving you energy.

What if you use the rooms outside of the normal pattern? The Genius Hub will react to you and your lifestyle even if it changes. If this is just a one off, then the Genius Hub will react to your presence and switch the heating on once you have been in the room for a couple minutes. This allows you to pass through rooms without setting your heating on for those rooms. Once you leave the room, the heating will turn off to save you money. If you repeat this change, the Genius Hub will realise your pattern has changed and will change with you. Just like Timer mode, you can set an away temperature, so that the rooms don’t cool down too far, meaning your rooms will be warm for when you return.

What about at night, I don’t want the heating on every time I roll over! Footprint mode has separate settings for night time, allowing you to set a cooler temperature to be comfortable and to turn the presence detection off. You set when you want these settings to start and stop and the temperature, so it matches in with your lifestyle.

There are 3 settings in Footprint so that it works the way you want. The first is Super-Eco and the heating will only come on in a room if it is currently being used. This saves the most energy, but rooms will feel cold when you first walk into them. The Genius Hub will be reactive and will not bring the heating on before you get home. The second is Eco which is the standard Footprint setting, which learns when you use the rooms and heats these up at expected times so the rooms are warm for when you use them. The third setting is Comfort and this is where the Genius Hub will learn when you use rooms and if there are short periods of time when you are not in the room, the heating will stay on until it is sure that the room is no longer in use. This saves the least amount of energy but will be the most comfortable.

Override mode

For those times when life doesn’t go to plan, there is Override. This mode allows you to set a short term temperature which overrides the normal mode and settings. So if you are arriving home earlier than usual, this can be set up before you drive back, so your home will be warm when you arrive. You can also use it to temporarily override rooms down for the evening or the weekend for when you are going out, but once the override expires your rooms will warm up again ready for your return.

More features


If you also have rooms sensors, you can see how footprint is mirroring your room use pattern, or how accurate your timer predictions are compared with when you really do use the rooms. This allows you to make more accurate ‘heating periods’, saving you money by not heating parts of your home you aren’t using and increasing your comfort as you will heat the rooms when you need them.

Linked rooms

To make rooms easier to set-up, the Genius Hub allows you to link rooms together like a parent and child. The ‘child’ room copies the heating pattern of the ‘parent’, so they both heat up and cool down at the same times. This is ideal for when you have Ensuites attached to Bedrooms, or a Kitchen that attaches to a Living Room. This is set-up with a few clicks when you make the room and means you no longer have to think about when to heat that room. The ‘child’ room will even copy the ‘parent’ in footprint mode, so both will match your lifestyle.

Why not just make the rooms into one large ‘room’ on the app? Linked rooms give you more flexibility and it means you don't have to think about the schedule in the linked room any more, just the temperature you want it to hold. This gives you the ability to set different temperatures in each room, so your bedroom stays cool in the morning while the en-suite is warm for your shower. You can also link one room to follow the schedules of multiple other rooms, ideal for when you want a communal room to mimic the behaviour of the rooms off it (such as the lounge in a student house).

Room pre-heat

Using the local Met Office data and your heating history, the Genius Hub can automatically calculate the pre-heat duration on a room-by-room basis. This means that the room will reach the set temperature at the start of the ‘heating period’ rather than just starting to heat up at the time you set in the schedule. This means that there is no thinking required when you set up the Genius Hub, just select the times you will use the rooms.

The Genius Hub is adaptive, so it always learns and so keeps up to date. As the seasons and weather changes, the Genius Hub will adjust the warm-up times so that the rooms always reach the right temperature at the right time.

If you don’t want the Genius Hub to automatically heat up your rooms, you can either turn this feature off, or enter a time manually. This gives you complete control of how long you would like the pre-heat duration to be, so the Genius Hub will work just how you want it to. Pre-heat is only available for the rooms with room sensors – Pre-heat is not currently available if you only have the genius hub and wireless radiator valves.

Weather forecast

Genius displays the weather data for your home that it uses for pre-heating your rooms, so that you always have the forecast at your fingertips. The app shows a range of useful information, such as humidity and ‘feels-like’ temperature. This takes into account wind-chill and humidity to give you a better idea of how you’ll experience the weather, rather than just the temperature, which is more useful in determining heating.

Frost protection

This is an automatic feature that operates in the background. By not allowing the temperatures to go below 4°C, Genius constantly protects your pipes. By only heating your home by a couple degrees, Genius protects your pipes without vastly increasing your bills compared with having a daily heating period ‘just in case’.

Open window

When the radiators controlled by Genius detect a sharp temperature drop over a 5 minute period they turn the radiator off to save energy and money. This stops the radiators heating the room while a window above cools it off. Once the temperature drop stops and 30 minutes have passed, the valves will open again if you room needs to warm up to reach the temperature you’ve set.

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