In the small village of Barnetby, Humberside, lies an impressive, modern brick house: the home of Dr Ajay Vora. A successful GP whose surgery has been featured as an example of best practice on national television, Dr Vora designed and built the house as his dream home. Although the exterior has a majestic look reminiscent of a French chateau, the interior is modern but with a homely feel. Genius helps create that atmosphere, by providing a smart heating control that just melts into the background.

How did you hear about Genius Hub?
“I looked at a comparison review, which rated Genius against its competitors. I was mainly looking for a way to control the heating remotely in my guest house. I think smart technology makes so much more sense to control something when you’re not there. It’s far more valuable than, say, being able to control the lights from your phone when you could just lean over and press the light switch!”

Did you look at anything else before buying?
“Yes, I looked into Honeywell Evohome and spoke with them. I liked the fact that they’re a big company, but the answers they gave me weren’t satisfactory.”

Was there anything to be concerned about?
“Yes, but when I spoke to the staff at Genius they answered all the questions that I had. I was concerned about how the system would fit into the properties and I also wasn’t sure how easy it would be to use. I was also concerned about valves disconnecting from the network, which apparently can be a problem with other systems on the market. This hasn’t been a problem for the Genius system; apparently, it’s because Genius uses the smart plugs to boost the signal around the property. I do have to walk around and change the batteries in the valves once a year, but apart from that, it just runs itself without a hitch.”

How did you buy the Genius Hub?
“I just bought it online. I found the ‘Create Your System’ was very good for specifying just what I wanted, so I got the hardware that I needed to get the control that I wanted.”

Why did you buy the Genius Hub system?
“I mainly decided to buy Genius home on the basis of journalist reviews. Several said that this was the best system on the market. I wanted a smart heating system that I could set up and leave alone. That’s the best situation; if it just runs itself. I actually tried a few other heating controls too, and they were not as good as Genius Hub.”

“Of the systems that I tried, Genius Hub has worked out the best. The problem we had before in this house was some of the rooms were not getting the right amount of heat, because of the long pipe runs. Now that we are using Genius home to bring rooms on at different times, that’s no longer a problem.”

What’s been your experience with Genius Hub overall?
“Very good; the personal touch I have received has been great. Being able to request a call-back from Genius home in the evening works for me too, so I can get called when I’m at home.”

“The customer support was really good and was one of the main reasons I chose Genius home. I also like the fact that the new developments are always coming and despite the fact it’s now two years since I bought my system, I am still getting the software updates to my system to keep it up to date and add new features. 

“I am looking forward to expanding my systems.”


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