Four Bedroom House Kit

The Four Bed House Smart Heating Kit includes the following:


This Genius Hub four bedroom house smart heating kit includes a range of devices for the typical four bed house. If you have extra rooms or radiators that you want to smart control then you can add additional Smart Radiator Valves to your order.

All functions of the system can be controlled or monitored remotely via a smart-phone app or web browser, allowing you to easily stay in control of your heating bills. 

Front view of the Genius Radiator Valve
Front view of the Dual Channel Receiver
Front View of the Genius Smart Plug

Peter Reid – Case Study

Peter Reid chose the Genius Hub to control the new underfloor heating installed by JK floorheting. When looking for controls for his new kitchen underfloor heating he decided at the same time to make all of the radiators in the rest of his home smart too.

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Dr Ajay Vora

I looked at a comparison review, which rated Genius against its competitors. I was mainly looking for a way to control the heating remotely in my guest house. I think smart technology makes so much more sense to control something when you’re not there.

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