Saving you energy by applying smart technology

Genius Hub helps you reduce your property’s energy consumption by only heating the parts of the building that are being used. By controlling the heating in each individual room and learning the best schedule automatically, it helps to save money and energy, also reducing carbon output, helping organisations to meet their CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment).

For Local Authorities that want to manage energy across a number of buildings, the Genius Hub system is ideal. With secure remote access, any number of sites can be managed from a central location, helping to make maintenance and control an absolute breeze!

Genius Hub is designed for Local Authorities


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Heating History

Genius Hub monitors as well as controls. Target and actual temperatures are recorded for every room along with occupancy triggers and external weather information. All of this can be viewed from the app

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Remote Access

Monitor and control the heating from a central office or wherever you are. Only heat the rooms you want, to the right temperature at the times you choose - total control.


Local Control

The temperature of each room can be controlled by the occupants. Simply adjust the target temperature on the Genius Radiator Valve. This facility can be turned on or off for each room.


Energy Efficiency

CRC Friendly

Meet your Carbon Reduction Commitment obligations


Centralised Control

Bring all control into one place for multiple sites

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Predictive Preventative Maintenance

See potential issues or problems before they occur


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