Genius Hub controls your heating intelligently

The Genius Hub system controls your heating intelligently, saving you money, energy and giving precise temperature control in every room of your home.

Genius Hub Smart Zoned Heating Control For Your Home. With Genius Hub, you can create the heating control system that’ is right for you. Start with simple remote control. Expand up to a fully smart zoned system that’s so advanced, you’ll forget it’s even there.

Control the heating in your home as a whole, or set temperatures in individual rooms and schedule when you want your radiators to switch on and off.

Genius Hub gives you individual and accurate temperature control in each room of your home. A Smart TRV controls radiators, if you have central heating, an electric switch or a smart plug to control electric heaters or Underfloor heating. 

Install a room sensor to detect occupancy, and have the heating schedule figure things out for itself! When you’re not in the room, the heating will be turned down, and it will come on when there is enough movement to trigger it.

For whatever type of heating you want to control, we have got it covered.


Heat only rooms that are in use

Typically, in your home you can make sure your bedrooms are turned off during the day, and set your dining room to be warm during meal times.

Genius Hub automatically predicts how long each room will take to warm up, so that it will reach the desired temperature at the time you set. On a cold day, your Genius Hub knows to turn the heating on earlier.

We provide Smart control of ​

Smart control means learning and using predictive analysis to make smart decisions that saves energy


Genius Hub controls the temperature of each individual radiator in the property.

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Genius Hub controls both Gas, Oil & Electric boilers.

Hot Water

Genius Hub controls your Hot Water tank. Set a target temperature and view the actual temperature at any time.

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Underfloor Heating

Genius Hub controls all underfloor heating within a property.

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Electric Heating

Genius Hub controls electric heating systems within a property.

Lighting & Electricals

Genius Hub controls lighting & electrical devices within a property.


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