Genius Hub Starter Kit

The Genius Hub Starter Kit is perfect if you have a Combination boiler. This is the basic starting block from which you can build a heating control system, as simple or as sophisticated as you want or need.

The Genius Hub Starter Kit lets you schedule your heating from any web device. Simply plug the Genius Hub into your internet router and replace your existing wall mounted thermostat with the Genius Single Channel Receiver (included). The wireless Genius Room Thermostat (also included) can go anywhere, ensuring you always have simple manual control of your heating when you need it, in addition to the free app that you can use to control your heating from anywhere in the world! You can download the app from the AppStore and Google Play. The Genius Hub communicates wirelessly with all devices, making installation quick and simple.


The Genius Hub Smart Heating Kit includes the following:

Front View of Genius Hub with Hub Accessories

1 x Genius Hub & Accessories

Front view of the Single Channel Receiver

1 x Single Channel Receiver

Genius Wireless Thermostat

1 x Wireless Thermostat