How the Genius Hub Works - Our App lets you control your Genius Hub from anywhere

The Genius Hub

The Genius Hub is the ‘master controller’ that takes and remembers the requirements for heating, then wirelessly relays that to the rooms you wish to heat. 

Genius Hub helps you reduce your property’s energy consumption by only heating the parts of the building that are being used. By controlling the heating in each individual room and learning the best schedule automatically, it helps you to save money and energy while keeping your family warm and yourself peace of mind. Set the system to automatic mode and let it figure out the best heating schedule, and control based on when rooms are actually used.

Genius Hub

Connects the devices to the internet, allowing remote control from anywhere


Automatically turns on heating when you arrive and off when you leave

Genius Radiator VALVE

Allows each radiator to be controlled automatically

Genius Electric Switch

This switch is connected to the boiler and is wirelessly controlled by the Genius Hub when zones are requesting heat

Genius Hub automatically turns off the rooms that aren't in use...

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The Genius Hub app is available on mobile & web. The app allows you to control all rooms in your property.

Advanced heating control - without the complexity:

Weather Compensation

The weather outside has a huge impact on the demand for heating inside. The Genius Hub takes into account the external temperature to optimize your heating control. Weather compensation provides more heat on a cold day and less in the summer

Zoned Heating

Only heat the rooms you want, to the right temperature at the times you choose - total control

Heating History

The Genius Hub remembers your heating patterns and temperatures, so you can see changes in use and potential energy savings for each room

Window Open Detection

The Genius Radiator Valve detects when a occupant has opened a window and turns off the radiator automatically

Wireless Communication

Devices talk wirelessly around the building, reducing the need for extra cables and making installation a breeze

Installation without the disruption:

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Questions? Need to know more?

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