How Does Genius Hub Work?

Genius Hub is a smart heating and energy management system designed to save on energy bills in commercial settings.

Genius Hub functions by dividing the space into zones, utilising our Genius Radiator Valves or Electric Switches to control heating in each zone. The Genius Hub is used for remote access, intelligent scheduling, occupancy detection, and heating analytics, allowing businesses to optimise heating efficiency, reduce energy waste, and customise comfort levels based on occupancy and usage patterns.

Genius Hub

Connects the devices to the internet, allowing remote control from anywhere

Genius Room Sensor

Automatically turns on heating when you arrive and off when you leave

Genius Radiator Valve

Allows each radiator to be controlled automatically

Genius Electric Switch

This switch is connected to the boiler and is wirelessly controlled by the Genius Hub when zones are requesting heat

Installation is easy
Here's how Genius Hub can help with

Zone Based Heating

Genius Hub allows you to divide your space into zones and control the heating individually for each zone. This means you can optimise temperature settings based on occupancy, usage patterns, and specific comfort requirements for different areas. By heating only the necessary zones and avoiding overheating or excessive energy consumption, you can significantly reduce heating costs.

Intelligent Schedulng

The system offers intelligent scheduling capabilities, allowing you to create customized heating schedules for each zone. You can set different temperatures for different times of the day, days of the week, or even specific events. This ensures that heating is only active when needed, avoiding unnecessary energy usage during unoccupied periods, such as weekends or holidays.

Occupancy detection

Genius Hub employs occupancy sensors to detect the presence of people in specific zones. By integrating with these sensors, the system can automatically adjust the heating based on occupancy levels. If a zone is unoccupied, the system can lower the temperature or turn off the heating entirely, resulting in energy savings.

Remote control and monitoring

With Genius Hub, you can remotely control and monitor the heating system through a mobile app or web interface. This feature enables you to adjust temperature settings, modify schedules, and monitor energy consumption in real-time. By having better visibility and control over your energy usage, you can identify inefficiencies and make informed decisions to optimise energy consumption and reduce costs.

Heating History

Genius Hub introduces an advanced home heating system with a heating history feature. This feature allows users to track and analyse their heating usage patterns over time. By offering insights into temperature adjustments and system performance, the heating history enables informed decisions for optimizing comfort and energy efficiency.

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Case Studies Of Genius Hub Installations​

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Control Everything on One App.

The Genius Hub app is available on mobile & web. The app allows you to control all rooms in your property.