In this episode we:

– We hint about what is coming up in the next App release

– Launch our new Bundles

– Look at Infrared heating

– Launch our new Smart Radiator Valve packs

– See just how smart the Genius Radiator Valve really is

Product News

APP Update coming

The latest version of the App is about to be released to our beta testers (thanks beta testers). Apart from the usual tweaks in performance and squashing of bugs we will be introducing a new feature called Timer+ but more about that next month.

Product Bundles

We know at times it can be confusing to decide what Genius products are needed for your particular property (we are always happy to advise) so we have put together some typical product bundles. We now have four & five bedroom house bundles. read more

Tech Advisor Review

In case you missed it, Tech Advisor have just reviewed the latest version of the Genius Hub Smart heating system and this is what they said “Genius is the smartest smart home heating system you can buy” Read more

Are electric Far Infrared panels better than wet radiators?

These heating panels being Infrared mean that they heat the people and the objects in the room and not the air. Because they don’t heat the air this saves a lot of energy, in tall buildings the hot air simply rises up into the high ceilings and is no use to anyone up there!

Quad Pack Genius Smart Radiator Valves

Smart Radiator Valve bundles

You have been putting off buying Smart radiator valves for those other rooms. Well now you have no excuse as we have bundled our valves into four & eight packs. Take advantage of these savings and get the whole house Smart controlled.

Feature Focus - Smart Valve

You may have these installed (most of our customers do). But do you know how smart they really are, well here comes the science bit.