In this episode we:

– Launch a new product for electric heated Apartments

– Tell you about Boiler Plus – find out what you have missed?

– Focus on the feature footprint mode

Product News

In March we are launching our newest product bundle for all those who have electric heating. Our Apartment smart heating kit brings together all the things we have learn’t about controlling electric heaters in one simple kit.

You can see the new Apartment Smart heating kit here

Our CTO Simon installed a kit into an apartment in Birmingham City centre and blogged about the process.

Boiler plus

Boilers last between 10 & 15 years and sometimes much longer, so you can be forgiven for not keeping up to date with the latest legislations around boilers. Something changed last year that may affect you next time you change your boiler. The good news is those with a Genius Hub have one of the required components to meet the new legislation.

Side view of Genius Room Sensor

Is this room in use?

The Genius Room Sensor allows the Genius system to detect when a room is in use, learn your room usage then predict when heat will be required. Add these to rooms to make your system even smarter (if that’s possible).

Feature Focus - footprint mode

The Genius Hub footprint mode is where things get really smart. Footprint mode is unique to Genius Hub’s smart heating system and NOT available with simple Thermostats like Nest or Hive.