Happy New Year, winter has been quite mild so far but looks like a cold snap is coming. 

In this episode we:

– Have some exciting news about OpenTherm and an opportunity for our customers

– We look at why the Thermostat is dead

– Focus on the feature Temperature Hierarchy

Product News

No app updates this month but we have launched our OpenTherm feature into Beta and partnered up with EOGB the boiler burner manufacturer.  We are also introducing the Genius Hub Public API which is now out of Beta, see our Public API quick start guide.

OpenTherm is set to revolutionise boilers and finally bring them into the 21st century, boilers may just about to become smart. Five lucky customers get to test it with a new EOGB boiler.


Close Up Of Female Hand On Central Heating Thermostat

The Smart Thermostat is dead

What’s the case for the traditional home wall mounted thermostat or a Smart Thermostat, are they dead?

Since central heating systems were first installed into homes in the 50’s & 60’s there has been a thermostat somewhere in the house to control the temperature.

By modern standards this approach to heating a home no longer makes sense, to think that you can measure the temperature in just one room in the house and use that to assume the temperature in all the other rooms feels a bit old school.
Front View of the Genius Smart Plug

Smart control more things

The Genius Hub smart plug not only acts as a signal booster but can control plugged in devices,  right from the app. 

House showing temperatures

Feature Focus -
Temperature Hierarchy

Ever looked at zone setup and seen the Temperature measurement section and wondered what is that and how does it work? Read on and all will become clear.