In this episode we:

– Get reviewed by Tech Advisor magazine (spoiler alert – they loved it)

– Tell you about some changes to the way we handle support

– Show you how to find & use the forum for support

– Show you a new way to access the web app

– Look to see if Brexit will have an affect on your heating bills?

– Feature focus – We visit the Doctor

– Look at how Genius works with under floor heating

Product News

Support is changing

We are constantly reviewing how we support our thousands of customers and we have decided to improve the experience by allowing our customers to simply request a call back from one of the support team. Rather than phoning us just goto scroll to the bottom, give us some details then click request call back.

Support Forum

A few months back we launched our customer support forum which allows you to ask questions & make suggestions. Often if you have a support question you will find that the answer is already on our forum.  

Access the Web app

For those that use the app via a web browser you can now get to it quickly by visiting

Tech Advisor Review

Tech Advisor have just reviewed the latest version of the Genius Hub Smart heating system and this is what they said “Genius is the smartest smart home heating system you can buy” Read more

Will Brexit affect your energy bills?

A ‘no deal’ Brexit will likely result in inflated energy bills for homeowners next winter, warn experts from smart central heating provider, Genius Hub.

According to Alasdair Woodbridge, CEO at Genius Hub, uncertainty surrounding the strength of the pound is just one of many reasons that could see some people struggle to keep their homes warm next winter.

Underfloor Heating Wiring Centre

Underfloor Heating

Genius Hub can be used to control your underfloor heating. If you do not yet have underfloor heating, then we recommend JK floorheating, who can provide excellent quality installation of underfloor heating in your home in a single day, using their innovative installation process that minimises mess and does not require replacing your existing floor material.

Feature Focus - Visit the Doctor

Need help troubleshooting something with your Genius Hub smart heating system then you need to visit the Doctor. With each release of the app the built in Doctor gets more coverage and even smarter.