In this episode we:

– We hint further about what is coming up in the next App release

– Look at the mini Building Energy Management System you have in your house

– Get another great review, this time from Mighty Gadget

– See how to make your hot water tank smarter

Product News

APP update in Beta

The latest version of the App has been released to our beta testers (thanks beta testers). We will be beta testing some of our SmartHeat features which will be bringing even smarter controls and allowing your Genius Hub to make better decision, further reducing energy usage and costs.

Another Review

This time our friends over at Mighty Gadget have reviewed the latest version of the Genius Hub smart heating system. They said “I think Genius is still one of the best smart heating options on the market, offering a far higher level of control and customisation than many of the competing brands.” Read more

You have a mini Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

How do BEMS and Genius Hub fit together? Simply; BEMS will give you control of the major plant in the building – boilers, pumps, clarifiers, valves, ventilation etc. to name just some of it, on any large site this is key to getting your plant working together and working efficiently. Genius Hub will give you room by room control of wet radiators, electric heaters, air conditioning units and underfloor heating to save you energy by only heating individual rooms when they are used.

Quad Pack Genius Smart Radiator Valves

Smart Radiator Valve bundles

Save over £50.

You have been putting off buying Smart radiator valves for those other rooms. Well now you have no excuse as we have bundled our valves into four & eight packs. Take advantage of these savings and get the whole house Smart controlled.

Tank Temperature Probe wired into an Electric Switch

Feature Focus - Smart Hot Water tank

Have you ever wondered what temperature is my hot water tank at? 

The Hot Water & Time Temperature product solves this problem by making your hot water tank smart. Allowing you to measure the tank temperature and control the emersion heating.