Self Service



This gives you greater comfort in the property and the best energy savings, as you can be assured that your system will be set up to optimise the potential savings and will work reliably throughout the winter.
A convenient date & time will be agreed between you and your Genius Hub engineer, who will remotely guide you through servicing your system and run a remote diagnostic check of your system to pick up any possible problems. They then talk you through how you want to address any issues picked up.
For a Self Service you will be provided with:
  • A guide for:
    • Changing all batteries
    • Reconnecting lost devices
    • Full system testing
    • Adding newly purchased devices
  • An hours’ telephone consultation with an experienced Genius Hub engineer

If you need to add additional components to your system this can easily be done prior to your service. You need to make the engineer aware in good time of any additional equipment and it needs to be purchased before the service date & time is agreed so they can ensure they have enough time to help add all of the additional kit and spend the time with you showing you how it works.

Note that this price is on a per property basis; all Hubs must be at the same physical address. Once payment has been made for the Self Service, contact Genius Hub to organise a date for the selected service.

Alternatively for large properties, consider the Large System Service.

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