Three Zone Underfloor Smart Heating Kit

Genius Hub can be used to control your underfloor heating.

This kit includes all that you need to control 3 zones of underfloor heating.

If you do not yet have underfloor heating, then we recommend JK floorheating, who can provide excellent quality installation of underfloor heating in your home in a single day, using their innovative installation process that minimises mess and does not require replacing your existing floor material.


The Genius Hub Smart Heating Kit includes the following:

Front View of Genius Hub with Hub Accessories

1 x Genius Hub & Accessories

Front view of the Electric Switch

3 x Electric Switches

Front view of Genius Room Sensor

3 x Wireless Room Sensor

Front view of the Underfloor Wiring Centre

1 x Underfloor Centre

Genius Hub Logo White

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