Smart Heating Control Solutions for your property

Genius Hub helps you reduce your propertyโ€™s energy consumption by only heating the parts of the building that are being used

The system optimises energy usage by:

  • providing zone-based heating
  • intelligent scheduling
  • occupancy detection
  • and remote control and monitoring

These features ensure that heating is efficiently tailored to each area’s needs, reducing energy waste and optimising comfort.

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Similarly, in properties from office buildings, hotels, care homes or domestic residencies, Genius Hub provides centralised control, demand-based heating, customisable scheduling, and remote management. This allows for efficient temperature control across multiple zones and units, minimising energy consumption and resulting in significant cost savings on heating bills for both commercial and large property owners


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Control Everything on One App

The Genius Hub app is available on mobile & web. The app allows you to control all rooms in your property.

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By controlling the heating in each individual room and learning the best schedule automatically, it helps you to save money and energy while keeping everyone warm.

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