Have a hands-off control over your Radiators...

To regulate the temperature in specific rooms, consider incorporating Genius Radiator Valves. These wireless valves serve as replacements for conventional Thermostatic Radiator Valves. In many instances, they require no plumbing and can be easily installed by most DIY enthusiasts within minutes.

How does the Genius Hub work with Radiators...

With Genius Radiator Valves, rather than multiple rooms of radiators heating up at the same time, each room becomes it own, individual zone. The Genius Hub then calls on the boiler when the Radiator Valves are requiring heat and stops the call for heat when all rooms are satisfied. This means instead of 1 or 2 zones of heating, the property has the same number of zones as the number of rooms. 

Genius Radiator Valve

Similar to programmers, each Genius Radiator Valve has an in-built TPI algorithm to efficiently heat the room and modulate how open each radiator is to heat the room whilst minimising any overshooting or temperature fluctuations. Similar to manual TRVs, the Genius Radiator Valves can be manually adjusted to override the schedule, giving control to the user in the respective room. As they are all linked to the Genius Hub, this gives them an automatic link to any other Genius Radiator Valves in the same room, and the ability to call on/off the boiler.

Bronze Genius Radiator Valve on Cast Iron Radiator


Open Window Detection

The Genius Radiator Valve detects when a occupant has opened a window and turns off the radiator automatically


Occupants of a room can easily adjust the temperature from a radiator valve or wall thermostat

Zoned Heating

Only heat the rooms you want, to the right temperature at the times you choose - total control

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