Frequently Asked Questions

Once a system is purchased on our website we send out a short questionnaire about your property and your heating system, to make sure that what you have purchased is fully compatible with your heating system. If there are any compatibility issues these are always picked up before the installation is carried out, so long as the questionnaire is filled out as completely as possible.

Once compatibility has been confirmed we pass this order to the warehouse who will build your system ready for shipping.

Shipping to the UK:

  • System: 3-10 working days
  • Extra Kit: 1-3 working days

Extra Kit: Extra Kit orders will not contain a fully pre-configured system with a Genius Hub and are likely to be additional items which can be added onto an existing Genius Hub system.

We do not ship outside the UK.

Yes we do, please select the link below to find out more about the compatibility of your Boiler, TRV’s and Underfloor Heating:

If you want to control every radiator in your property and your boiler does not have an ‘automatic bypass valve,’ you will need to add a bypass valve next to the boiler. If you choose to control all of the radiators in your properly with electronic valves and you do not have a bypass valve you will hear a knocking sound until one of the radiators in the system opens, and gives the water somewhere to go, this could severely damage your boiler and or heating system.

It is important to note most modern boilers do have an automatic bypass valve. If you are unsure of this you can check your boiler has an automatic bypass valve in the boilers online manual. If you have an external automatic bypass valve this will be located between the hot water pipes going to and from your boiler. These pipes are usually called the flow and return to your boiler.

For the radiators without TRVs, these can only be controlled if the valve bodies are replaced with compatible TRVs. The Genius system is compatible with the majority of UK valves as our radiator valves fit onto the UK modern standard M30 x 1.5mm or the Danfoss RA fitting.

As for controlling towel radiators please follow the link below to learn more: Controlling towel rails/radiators

Yes, the installation is very straightforward for the Genius Hub kit – with our detailed installs page that contains – installation manual, installation videos and wiring diagrams it is possible for a DIYer to install this kit – If you are electrically competent! If you are not, we advise that you use a qualified electrician to do any electrical work in your property.

The important thing to remember is the Genius Hub system does not have a set limit on zones, meaning the system is perfect for a range of different properties, whether you are looking to control a one bedroom apartment or a large manor house the Genius Hub system will have no problems providing you with the comfort, control and efficiency you need.

When creating your system, you may reach over 40 devices, which will then add on another Genius Hub. The reason why this is the case is because for the Genius Hub to provide optimal signal, we limit the devices to 40. If you have a large home and may require two hubs, you can contact the enquiry team with your current design for assistance.

The Genius Hub is connected to your Internet router with a physical internet cable (also known as an Ethernet cable). The system uses a low power wireless technology called Z-wave (not Wi-Fi) to communicate with all of the over devices in the property. This is an open wireless technology, which is much better at penetrating the walls than Wi-Fi, and it uses a lot less power so the batteries in the devices can last a minimum of a year. This also means that the Genius Hub will not interfere with the internet in your property for devices connected to the Wi-Fi.

  • Genius Room Sensor – It detects occupancy once you walk into a space and then will switch on the radiators/underfloor heating in that room. It also learns the occupancy as part of footprint mode, so it can turn on the heating in advance if you would like it to. The room sensor also has the capability to measure the temperature within a room due to its highly accurate air sensor.
  • Genius Room Thermostat – Like the Genius Room Sensor, the Thermostat measures the temperature in the room, however the Thermostat has 2 buttons to allow a user to manually override the heating, should the room be too warm/cold. This is especially useful in underfloor heating rooms as it allows you to manually adjust the temperature, like you can with the buttons on the Genius Radiator Valve.
  • Genius Motion Sensor – Similar to the Genius Room Sensor this device will detect occupancy within a certain room. It is normally placed in the top corner of a room as this is the optimum location for this device to recognise occupancy within a room. Adding this device to your system enables the system to learn when you normally use the room and automatically heat it ready for your arrival while also turning down your heating when you leave.

Yes of course, a great feature of the Genius Hub system is you can always add to it at a later date. No matter whether you are adding a smart plug to your system or adding control for an entire underfloor heating system. If you would like to find out more information please contact our technical sales team by emailing

An excellent feature of the Genius Hub system is the ability to take it with you if you are to move house. Find out more about this by following the link below: What to do if moving house

Questions? Need to know more?

Click the button below, let us know your contact details and your requirements. A Genius Hub engineer can answer any questions you might have via email or a phone call, and help you to decide on the solution that is best for your application.