Before You Buy...

Genius Hub can guide you through designing your heating controls, in order to get the best system for you.

STEP 1: Before You Purchase

Check to see if you current heating system is compatible.

Boiler Compatibility

Search for your boiler make and model to confirm that the boiler is compatible with the Genius Hub system

Radiator Compatibility

Search for each of your radiator valve model to confirm that if compatible with the Wireless Radiator Valves

Underfloor Compatibility

Search for your underfloor wiring centre model to confirm that your wet underfloor heating is compatible

Easy questions to help you on your way...

Boilers typically run on gas, oil or biomass, and heat pumps run on electricity. Genius Hub controls them all in the same way. If you have a separate 7-day programmer, a room thermostat or the controls built into the boiler itself the Genius Hub will be able to control the boiler or heat pump without a problem.

Your rooms will be heated with radiators or underfloor heating.
For individual control of each room you choose the type of heating in that room on our create your system tool, and automatically the right products will be added to your design.

If your hot water taps trigger the boiler, it’s a ‘combination boiler’. If you have a stored hot water tank, it’s either a ‘system’, ‘heat only’, or ‘heat pump’ boiler. For heat pumps, we advise leaving control to the system. For the others, use our system creation tool to set timers for hot water.

The Genius Hub is really smart and it can learn when each room is used and make a personalised heating schedule for you. If you want this you add the room or motion sensors to the rooms you want this smart control in.

Modern and very large properties often have separate plumbed zones or heating circuits, such as upstairs and downstairs. Genius Hub can control these separately so rooms are grouped together depending on where they are in the house. To do this you add one group for each additional plumbed zone in the create your system tool.

For more questions please see our Frequently Asked Questions page

STEP 2: Designing the System

You can either create your own system or cut out the hard work and get one of our design consultants to create a ideal design for you.

Design it yourself!

You can create a design using the Create Your System

Book in a consultation

Our consultants can assist you with a design of your project

For Larger Properties:

We welcome all inquiries and discussions regarding larger property designs. Whether you’re envisioning a grand estate, a spacious commercial complex, or a luxurious residential project, our expert team is here to collaborate with you every step of the way. Contact us today to explore the limitless possibilities and turn your vision into reality.

STEP 3: Contact an Installer

If you feel like it’s best to speak to the professionals, search for the Registered Installer nearest to you.

Save Hassle

You may want extra work carried out at the same time as the installation, which our registered Installer will be able to help with. This could include moving radiators, servicing your boiler or swapping radiator valves to compatible models.


Use an installer who knows about Smart Heating systems to ensure the installation is quicker and there is no need for a revisit to fix any problems. The installer knows how each of the devices is installed, how to log onto the system, and run through the commissioning checks for you.

STEP 4: Pre-Configured or DIY?

We offer a further service where we can build the system for you. Once shipped, it can just installed and ready to go.

Let us do the hardwork for you!

Purchase our Building Service before checkout and we can pre-configure it in our warehouse before it leaves.*

*Shipment times may vary based on size and building queue