Save an additional 30% off your heating by adding Genius Hub to your renewable energy project. The Genius Hub system is a retrofit solution. If you already have a Biomass boiler or Heat Pump there’s no need to carry out any further upgrades if you have underfloor heating or Thermostatic radiators (TRVs) in your  property.

Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) are one of the most effective renewable heating sources. When combined with the Genius Hub system you could save an additional third off the cost of your heating for just 5%-10% of the cost of the heat pump. Heat Pumps work very  well with underfloor heating and so does the Genius Hub, being one of the only solutions that seamlessly integrates underfloor heating rooms and radiator rooms into a single app. Genius Hub can integrate with most GSHPs directly or if there is a buffer vessel / thermal store it can also integrate with that. Getting the most efficiency from your GSHP and your existing heating system with sequenced individual room control is easy with Genius Hub.

Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel Front

Biomass is a great way to heat your building efficiently and at no cost to the environment, but did you know you could save even more? By using the Genius Hub system to zone the rooms in your property you could save an additional third off the running costs of your heating. Like with any conventional heating system there is little point in heating rooms that are not being used, Genius Hub gives you control of each individual room using wireless thermostats or wireless radiator valves. Because the system is wireless installation is non disruptive and using the strength of a mesch network communication between the wireless devices is ultra reliable

Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are an extremely popular option for those looking to upgrade to a renewable energy source and do not have the space for Ground Sourse Heat Pumps. AHSPs are an integral part of the UK Government’s 2050 net-zero targets. Whether you have traditional radiators or underfloor heating, the Genius Hub system can further reduce the running costs of your heating. In addition, by reducing the heat demand in your property, installing the Genius Hub system will also increase the performance of your ASHP

Genius Hub

The Genius Hub is the “Brain-box” that stores your requirements for heating, then wirelessly relays them to the boiler, radiators, underfloor or electric heating for the rooms you wish to heat.

Radiator Valve

The Genius Radiator Valve will wirelessly take messages from the Genius Hub, to either allow hot water through the radiator to heat up the room; or close down the radiator when the temperature is reached, in a similar method to a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV).

Front view of Genius Room Sensor

Room Sensor

The Genius Room Sensor accurately measure the temperature in a room, plus it can sense when you use a room, to pre-heat that room to your preferred temperature when you are there and automatically save energy when you are not.

Front view of the Electric Switch

Electric Switch

The Electric Switch can wirelessly control the main heat source, be that an ASHP or GSHP (Heat Pump) or Biomass Boiler. With clear indication showing it is running giving feedback and push-button control, it is easy to see that it is calling for heat from the heat source at a glance and test the heating with a single button.

Front View of Genius Smart Plug in Socket

Smart Plug

Smart Plugs can be scheduled to turn on and off from the app. They can be used to control plug in electric heaters either to an on/off schedule or a temperature schedule (if a temperature measuring device is also added to the zone on the app). Ideal for use in home offices where the plug in heater may be moved around and you still want Genius Hub to control it!