Enhance your Electric Heating

Genius Hub works with new and existing electric heating. If you have older electric heaters with only manual time and/or temperature controls on them, and subsequently they are often left on when the room is empty, Genius Hub have the solution for you.

How does electric heating work with Genius Hub...

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We can lock out the local control on the heaters themselves and replace this with an easy to understand ‘press to boost’ button next to the heater, which is ideal for student and rented accommodation. This can be done by purchasing one of our Electric Switches  or Electric Relays t allow the control done by us.

You can also add an easy to read wireless room thermostat on a wall in the room if you want more local control from within the room itself. Users can see the temperature in the room and adjust it from the push to boost button or the wall thermostat. All of the control of your existing heaters can now be managed from a computer or the smartphone app, with no requirement to change the heaters themselves. 

We can supply control for...

Infrared Panels

Ideal for Large Public Spaces such as Churches, Public Sectors, Venues

Small Space Heating

Ideal for Commercial buildings, Hotels, Student Accommodation, Holiday Homes, Domestic Dwellings and Garden Offices.

Air Conditioners/Heaters

Genius Hub can easily interface with existing AC to automatically turn it off when rooms are not used or when a room is being heated, saving a lot of wasted electricity.

Electric Towel Radiators

Towel rails can be controlled either on/off with a simple push to heat button or a room can be controlled to a temperature if you prefer – giving you maximum control and comfort

Electric Underfloor

The Genius Hub can control this type of underfloor heating like it also can control wet underfloor heating, so if you have a mixture of radiators, underfloor heating, wet or electric Genius Hub can control it all *

To control an electric heating system with Genius Hub, you will need the following equipment for each zone...

Front View of Wireless Room Thermostat



*Powered Room Thermostat suitable only for Electric Underfloor Heating

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Room Sensor for Occupancy Control