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Benefit of Smart Controls

The Genius system is compatible with the majority of UK and Irish valves as our radiator valves fit onto the UK and Irish modern standard M30 x 1.5mm or the Danfoss RA fitting. Please check here to see if your current TRVs are compatible.

Precise temperature control in each room means that you can always be at the temperature that is right for you. Different temperatures in each room mean that everyone can have the heating just right!​

About Gaia Smart Energy

Gaia Smart Energy is a Northern Ireland-based company, specialising in the design, installation and maintenance of smart heating controls, as well as the supply and fitting of infrared heating panels.

Gaia Smart Energy covers both commercial and domestic Genius Hub systems in Northern Ireland, and commercial Genius Hub systems in the Republic of Ireland.

Examples of commercial properties in Ireland and Northern Ireland which have had Genius Hub heating systems installed by Gaia Smart Energy are hotels, yacht clubs, golf clubs and monasteries.

Their expertise is rooted in 20 years of experience in commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning and refrigeration in the UK, Australia and Ireland.

Gaia Smart Energy was founded with a desire to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs in both commercial and domestic properties, by using the highest quality smart heating controls and infrared panels. These core commitments led them to partner with both Genius Hub smart controls and Jigsaw infrared panels.

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