Minimize heating expenses for your care home

Given the unpredictable patterns of room occupancy in care homes, the 'footprint' feature of the Genius Hub can effectively manage energy usage by automatically turning off room heating or cooling systems when residents' rooms are unoccupied. It also ensures that a pre-set comfortable temperature is maintained for them when they return to their rooms.


Heating History

Through its heating history feature, the system provides valuable insights into temperature adjustments and system performanc.

Central Controls

Genius Hub offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for managing your property's energy consumption

Hands off Control

The system provides intelligent scheduling features that enable you to tailor heating schedules for individual zones

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Care homes offer a particular challenge when trying to control heating effectively. Elderly and vulnerable clients need to be kept warm at all times. Although each client has their own temperature preferences, they frequently forget to adjust manual controls, instead, staff have to take responsibility for ensuring appropriate temperatures โ€“ a needless distraction from providing the highest standard of care for their clients.ย 


Personalised Resident Comfort

Genius Hub can contribute to customised resident comfort in your care home


Fine control, at the touch of a button from inside the room if allowed by manager or team

Smart Heating

Through its integration with these sensors, the system can autonomously adapt heating levels in response to occupancy

Genius Hub can be installed in...

Genius Hub is really a toolkit โ€“ it can be used to control and monitor in many different scenarios. We can develop a control and/or monitoring solution for you.ย Below are some examples of building types that we have installed control systems into.

Education & Offices


Public Services & Local Authorities

Churches & Venues

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