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Moxhull Hall is a stunning Victorian property built by Howard Ryland, Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire and Lord of the Manor of Moxhull and Wishaw, after the old hall burned down. It was a private home until it was converted into a hotel in 1969. More recently, the current owner, Andreas Kalavanas, who took it over in 2004 and carried out a major refurbishment of the property that is complimented by eight acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. They proudly claim that a trip to Moxhull Hall is not complete without “taking a trip outside”.

Moxhull Hall is the perfect venue for events, conferences, overnight stays and more specifically weddings. The hotel prides itself on what it has to offer – Accommodation that is grand and modern; achieving contemporary interior design and gardens with charming features, providing a feast for the senses and fantastic photo opportunities to capture the special day both by day and night. The Moxhull team are welcoming and experienced and are focused on offering a friendly, personal service ensuring that needs are catered for, and guests leave feeling well looked after.

How did you hear about Genius Hub?
Hotel and Catering magazine ran an article about the Genius Hub system, which was very well written.

Why smart heating controls?
Improving and maintaining individual guest experience is of paramount importance. The problem was with the heating in the Courtyard and Cottages which are separated from the main hotel by about 200 metres. The rooms were either too hot or too cold.

Why Genius Hub?
Moxhull Hall wanted heating controls that could cater for the specific needs of guests. They didn’t want staff to continue with constantly adjusting the heating or housekeepers switching it off and then forgetting to switch it back on. Having done research and been aware of other systems the decision was taken to have the free survey from Genius Hub. 

The subsequent proposal and language of the article seen previously was consistent, and showed that it “clearly looked like it would do the job well” said Andreas.

Was there anything to be concerned about?
There were no concerns. When talking about the technical knowledge of the engineer, Andreas said it was obvious that Genius Hub “knew what they were talking about.” 

The consistency in what was advertised, proposed and installed leads to a view that Genius Hub were clearly “experts in the field of smart heating.”


What were their first impressions of Genius Hub?
Installation of the Genius Hub is quick, easy and causes no disruption as it was done as part of a normal room changeover. It creates its own wireless network. Fixed wireless repeaters ensure the connection is rock-solid. Trained installers fitted the system in two days and even went to the trouble of installing a new consumer unit in one of the buildings, “solving a different issue we had with the electrics.” Says Andreas.


Housekeepers no longer control the heating. This had been a big problem, as they would forget to turn it back on when they had finished cleaning a room. Even though the reception team can see the temperature of every room and it can be monitored remotely, Andreas tells us “I like how the system has run itself and I’ve not even had to log onto it.” 

Complaints about heating were normal prior to installation, guests would complain about the rooms being cold. Since the installation there have been none.

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Can Genius Hub cut their bills?
Moxhull Hall have a Biomass heating system and as such, cost saving was not the priority for them, however Andreas tells us that they would “definitely recommend” the Genius Hub system as costs are a “massive burden on any business.” Genius Hub can offer at least 30% energy savings, but it all depends how it is used – savings are higher when rooms are left empty for several hours.

Previously, rooms would have been heated all day, even though they were empty, or left with the heating off and guests were then entering cold rooms. The system also identifies and automatically shuts off the radiator when the window is open, thus not wasting heat out of an open window.

Has the hotel benefitted in any other way?
Moxhull Hall is already a high-end wedding venue, guest perception is very important. Wedding guests are in and out of the rooms all day and they check in earlier than business guests do. The Genius Hub system means they can manage the individual zones turning the heating on and improving the guest experience in specific rooms, and of course also helps to reduce costs. 

Guest’s perception is important at Moxhull Hall. Andreas tells us “guests really appreciate it when you spend money on something that you don’t really need to” he continues, “They really appreciate the small touches, so we have tried to add things to make them as comfortable as we can.”

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This lovely Victorian mansion, is the perfect venue for hosting weddings, events, conferences or overnight stays.

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