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Custom House Hotel is in a great location overlooking the River Clyde in West Scotland. Suffering from many years of neglect, the hotel was formally known as The Bay Hotel and was purchased by the current co-owner John 18 months ago. After a successful regeneration project, costing in excess of £300,000, the new management team have brought it back to its former glory. The newly named Custom House Hotel has been renovated beyond recognition and now offers a great place to eat or sleep in Greenock.

Why smart heating controls?
Adding a state of the art system is a necessity to achieve energy efficiencies, improve the running costs and to achieve that ‘personal touch’ experience for the visitors and guests at the hotel.

 Why Genius Hub?

The Custom House Hotel wanted heating controls that could cut heating costs while keeping their clients warm – and didn’t want staff to constantly adjust it. Any system would need to control individual radiators in order to make any savings. 

Commercial BEM systems’ or ‘Commercial BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) with this functionality are available from a variety of manufacturers, but these are prohibitively expensive to purchase and install, and need trained staff to adjust their settings.

Genius Hub offers automatic room-by-room heating control at an affordable price, all-controllable through a simple app.

What were their first impressions of Genius Hub?
Installation of the Genius Hub is quick, easy and causes no disruption, because it creates it’s own wireless network. Fixed wireless repeaters ensure the connection is rock-solid.

Trained installers fit the system in one or two days. The hotel’s site manager John tells us: “We love to explain the system to our customers and how they can get just the right temperature in their room as well as knowing that we’re doing all that we can to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Can Genius Hub cut their bills?
Genius Hub can offer at least 30% energy savings, but it all depends how it’s used – savings are higher when rooms are left empty for several hours. So if the hotel is quieter, your energy bills will also be reduced.

Previously, rooms would have been heated all day, even though they were empty. The system also identifies and automatically shuts off the radiator when the window is open, thus not wasting heat.

Has the hotel benefitted in any other way?
John tells us: “This could have be done on its own however we did it as part of spending extensive amounts of money on improving the hotel.” He explains “things like double glazing and a new roof show investment into the property just like adding the state of the art technology that the Genius Hub system incorporates”

“In 5 years time the owners may want to sell the hotel and adding value is important which I feel we’ve done with the latest technology that Genius Hub have installed”. He stated that by “investing in Genius Hub that they have future proofed the Hotel”.

Have there been any problems with the Genius Hub?

Every business needs to keep a tight control of the financials and John tells us that it’s not easy to get three investors to make a decision on investment but “Genius Hub made it pretty easy.”

John tells us that: “we thought that we’d have to borrow the money” but discovered other options were available with the excellent variation of payment platforms offered by Genius Hub.

They all agreed that the Genius Hub was something that they would recommend.

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Situated at the heart of Greenock’s history, we are located directly across from the 200 year old Custom House.

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