Green Resolutions for 2024

A recent study has shown 49% of people have pledged to save money for their New Years Resolutions…As we leap into the New Year, it’s a great time to reflect on the winter months and consider changes we can make to have a greener (and cheaper) 2024.

The UK is on an ambitious mission to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To meet this ambitious target, the country must take a multidisciplinary approach, with energy efficiency at the forefront. Heating is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions, accounting for about one-third of the UK’s carbon footprint. Therefore, transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable heating systems is crucial for the UK’s net-zero goal.

Coincidentally, a recent survey conducted by YouGov noted that 49% of resolutions for the new year are pledges to save more money.  Considering that roughly 6% of individual monthly salaries are taken up by energy bills, therein lies a balance to save money whilst also improving individual energy efficiency.

Smart heating companies like Genius Hub are among the pioneers of environmental sustainability, and we have some tips for you to make 2024 your most (energy) efficient yet:

Green home improvement tips that are free:

Turn your room thermostat down by 1°C

Approximately every 1º you drop the temperature you save 7%. Our customers need only turn down unoccupied rooms by about 4-5º to save upwards of 30% on their energy bill.

Turn your hot water cylinder thermostat down

Every hot water cylinder has its own built-in thermostat which should ideally be set to 60°C. If you have a hot water tank and it's over this level, by reducing it to 60°C your boiler won't have to fire for as long to get your water up to temperature; if it's firing less, it's using less fuel.

Close your curtains

During the day, the sun helps warm rooms, however, when the sun goes down, so does the temperature. Closing your curtains in the evening will help keep the heat inside and reduce any draughts from your windows.

Close internal doors

If you already have individual room control using our Radiator Valves or Underfloor Heating Controls, you will undoubtedly be saving money by not heating unoccupied rooms. By closing internal doors, you will save more money as you will keep the heat in the rooms you're occupying and avoid heating unoccupied spaces.

Turn off lights

Why pay for electricity to light an unoccupied room? Turn the lights out when you leave a room. You could use Genius Smart Plugs for lamps, and Electric Switches for drive lights to improve automation and energy efficiency.

Move to a different energy supplier

By shopping around you could save significantly your bills - you could even switch to a greener supplier! Which? have collated a list of recommended suppliers, and you compare your energy usage with the national average with Switch-Plan.

More Ways To Save Money and Energy:


A surprising amount of heat is wasted through your roof, walls, and floors every year if you don’t have adequate insulation. Your priority should be to insulate your roof first, then your walls, and finally your floor. Insulating cavity walls can cost around £500 and save you £105 per year.

Draught Proofing

As above, your house is less efficient due to drafts around doors and windows. Cheap and simple adjustments such as draught excluders or resealing windows could save you roughly £25 a year!

Fix dripping taps

Whilst not strictly energy, it is worth mentioning that dripping taps could fill around two baths with wasted water over the course of a year. By fixing dripping taps, you’re helping the environment, and your wallet!

Upgrading Your Boiler

New condensing boilers could be up to 95% efficient, and heat pumps are increasing in popularity year on year! Although upfront costs can be quite alarming, there are government-backed upgrade schemes available, provided you have completed EPC recommendations.

Smart Heating

No surprises here! By changing traditional heating to smart thermostats and zoning with smart TRVs, you could save upwards of 30% each year! You can also save money with Genius Occupancy Detection: Click Here to Find Out More

As you can see, there are many ways to save money on your energy bill which also help the environment, and don’t cost much (if at all!).
If you decide to give any of these ideas a go, let us know at or on our Forum.