Guidance on Accessing Support

We hope you’ve had a great Winter and are looking forward to the Spring! Before you switch off, we want to make sure you’re up-to-date with our current Support Packages.

Support Ticket

A member of the technical team will reply to your support ticket with the solution so you don’t have to look for it; and help to diagnose your system if it is not working the way you expect.

Support One - 2 - One

Schedule a One 2 One at a convenient date & time, and your Genius Hub engineer will remotely guide you through what you want help with, in a personalised course just for you.

Since we cancelled all monthly Support Subscriptions in September 2023 and moved over to a ticketing portal, we want to ensure all customers are aware of the following:

  • Call your heating engineer/electrician/plumber. You can also find a Genius Hub certified installer, found on our Installer Map.
  • Using our free Knowledge Base, YouTube, and FAQs. Our Knowledge base is curated, updated and checked regularly by our team. All the support we provide you with via email or phone is on this site and, very often, it is what our Support Team uses to assist you. 
  • Use our Forum where customers like yourselves have solutions and interesting ways to use the system.
  • Log into your user account at:*
  • Near the bottom of the bar on the left-hand side, select ‘My Tickets’. This is the Ticket Portal.
  • Click on your Ticket.
  • Fill in your issue within the text box and click ‘Submit’.
  • Your message has now been sent to the support team who will investigate the issue and respond in due course.
(**Please Note:  Your username and password are the account you used to purchase your system/additional devices NOT Hub Credentials (the details you use to log in to your system). Your username and password are the account you used to purchase your system/additional devices.**)