Save energy and staying safe

So, we’ve been thinking, as the weather warms up this is the time of year when heating get’s turned off for the summer, and we find customers who don’t want to touch their heating during the winter spring into action just like the wildlife outside. They place orders for the control of their home that they’ve been considering for the last few months, knowing that they can safely install the system now the heating is off, and they have plenty of time to get used to the system and address any teething issues before the next winter.

We assume that in many cases these customers are likely not to need to get the system installed as soon as possible, because the heating is potentially off for the summer, and given the continued coronavirus risk in the UK, we have a plan to help those customers and hopefully our fellow key workers.

We have none of our staff furloughed – most are home working, and we have strict measures in place for specific members who are allowed into the office and warehouse, in order to help protect our staff, their family’s, our couriers (DPD), as well as the wider community.

If you are not in a rush to receive your system but want to know that it is all taken care of, we will only take a 50% deposit now to lock in your order and design of your system. We will then bunch up the shipments of full systems, so they go as one group with the extra kit orders, rather than having to have DPD make collections every day for the many shipments we send out each week.

So, if this appeals to you, you can now request in an email to before you place an order with us, to delay the building and shipment of your system if you wish to. You then know that you are doing all that you can to keep the country safe and also reduce your home’s energy consumption.

We calculate this will reduce the numbers of staff required to visit the office & warehouse, particularly those dependent on public transport, so it places less strain on the public transport infrastructure and reduces transmission risks. We appreciate that the lockdown is being lifted bit by bit, but are still looking at ways that we can help all of the key workers out there stay as safe as possible.

In your email to us you can specify with us when you want to have your system delivered to you, and we will choose the weekly delivery slot most appropriate for you and this will be delivered when the remaining 50% is paid, spreading the cost of your system, reducing the strain on the countries infrastructure and still getting you your full system when you need it to be installed. We hope you think this is a good idea and please take it up if this works for your project plan.

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