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Boiler Compatibility

Is Heat Genius compatible with your boiler?

Heat Genius is compatible with a wide variety of heating systems.
If it heats water and flows it through radiators, and it’s controlled by
a standard wall thermostat, Heat Genius will be able to control it.

Gas, LPG and Oil – Heat Genius works with with all common types of Gas, LPG and Oil boilers used in the UK.

Biomass and heat pumps – Heat Genius can control (on/off) heat pumps and biomass boilers, so long as they can be controlled by a regular thermostat or programmer.

Electric heating – if your boiler is controlled by a standard room thermostat and/or programmer then Heat Genius can control it.
Plug-in electric room heaters can be connected to our Smart Plugs and switched on and off using the app; in future the app will also support thermostatic control.
We don’t yet support electric storage heaters, but please register your
and you’ll be the first to know when we release this new feature.

Using other heating controls in addition Heat Genius

It’s not always possible (or advisable!) to use other heating controls in addition to Heat Genius. Having several systems controlling the same boiler can lead to confusing behaviour or incompatibilities.

If you’re sure you want to use external controls in addition to Heat Genius, please be sure to mention them when you order.

Honeywell SmartFit Controls – Unfortunately these zone valves (for wet central heating systems) aren’t compatible with other external heating controls, such as Heat Genius. In order to install Heat Genius, our engineer will have to drain your system and remove the SmartFit controls first, including the plumbed valves. This is not included in the ‘pro-installation’ price, but our installers will be happy to give you a quote for this additional work.

Vaillant VR 65 Control Centre – unfortunately this isn’t compatible with Heat Genius, but our engineer can remove it and install Heat Genius instead. Removing an existing 3rd party wiring centre such as this is not included in the ‘pro-installation’ price, but our installers will be happy to quote for the extra work.

Boilers with limited compatability with Heat Genius

Normally the hot water timing cannot be controlled by Heat Genius for combination boilers. Please contact Heat Genius if you have a combination boiler with an ‘internal’ hot water tank, such as the models listed below:

GC Number Boiler Model


Boilers incompatible with Heat Genius

Some ‘older’ models of Worcester Intelligent Appliance boilers are only compatible with Worcester’s TR2 room thermostat, not other external controllers. Heat Genius can’t be installed with these boilers:

GC Number Boiler Model
4710810 Worcester Bosch ICC2 – ZWBR 11-37A
4710811 Worcester Bosch *C*RD 537i
4710812 Worcester Bosch *C*RD 542i
4731156 Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE Plus – ZWBR 7-28A
4731157 Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE Plus – ZWBR 11-35A
4731175 Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar 30 HE Plus Combi
4731176 Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar 35 HE Plus L Combi
4731179 Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar R 30HE Plus
4731180 Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar R 35HE Plus
4731181 Worcester Bosch *C* Greenstar R 40HE Plus