Conserve Energy and Save Money
"The Genius Hub was the only system that had the level of control that we were interested in. Plus, it’s great value. With the Genius Hub, we had a product that offered far more than the competition, at about a quarter of the cost of other commercial systems. We have definitely got a two year payback on the total cost of the system, including installation. What’s even more important is that we now have a far more acceptable level of heating throughout the building, and can be responsive to customers. For us, the comfort of our guests comes first, and the Genius Hub has definitely improved this." John Pennells - Chilterns
Control Every Room The Genius heating control system allows you to reduce energy consumption by only heating each room of the building when it is needed. Whether you're running a Bed & Breakfast, a small hotel or a guest house, using tools like Genius will reduce your energy bills, save you money in the long run, and will help provide your customers with a much better service.

With the Smart Occupancy Detection in every room, the heating and occupancy can be monitored remotely and rooms can trigger the heating automatically. Since customer service is at the heart of each small hotel/guest house owner, rooms can be monitored to see if they are comfortable or if guests have checked out. Each day the rooms can reset back to a standard temperature, ensuring that new guests can always enter a room at a temperature suited to them.
Turning the heating off in unused rooms could help you reduce the energy usage in your hotel up to 40% (source: Travelodge)
Installation The system can be installed quickly and easily as most parts are wireless. The average installation takes about 6 hours and can be done during a normal change over. So no need to block rooms off.
Compatibility It works with almost any heating system, including Gas/Oil/Biomass boilers and heat pumps. The system needs one hub per property, each hub can control up to 20 rooms.
Discreet Discreet wireless room sensors stick to the wall with sticky pads or screws. Radiator valves use the standard modern thread so in most cases no plumbing is required, and the valves are the same size as most existing thermostatic radiator valves.
Zoned Heating Only heat the rooms you want, to the right temperature at the times you choose - total control.
Smart Heating Automatically schedule the timings for each room so they are warm when the guests walk into a room. It also switches off the heating automatically if the rooms aren't used.
Weather Compensation Uses weather data to turn rooms on later on warmer days, so the rooms are warm only when they are used.
Override Fine control, control the temperature at the touch of a button from inside the room and then the room resets after the guest leaves.
Remote Control Monitor and control the heating from reception, a central office or wherever you are.