Dual Channel Receiver



The Dual Channel Receiver wirelessly controls two plumbed zone valves for an independent heating zone and hot water zone, or two heating zones such as upstairs and downstairs.

Add a Dual Channel Receiver to your order if you need to control plumbed heating zone valves, hot water zone valves or additional boilers (which are wired back to the same location).

Control one or two zones with each controller, which independently switches two 3A 230V (switched-live) contacts. Using the Standard ‘Universal Backplate’ in many cases the installation is simply a straight swap of the old 7-day programmer or wired thermostat to the new Dual Channel Receiver.

Both relays are limited to 3A 230V. It must not be connected directly to a circulation pump, it must be connected to the boilers or zone valves. Instead, to control a circulation pump directly, or a wet underfloor heating circuit, you should use an Electric Switch. The Electric Switch is rated to 13A 230V. Β Also, neither device has a ‘volt free’ connection, for volt-free (or a 24v connection) you will require the Single Channel Receiver.

The Dual Channel Receiver can be overridden locally (boosted) by pressing the buttons on the front. The length of the override duration being preset on the app. This gives manual control as well as being able to control the switch from the Genius Hub app.

Links:Β Specifications,Β Wiring DiagramsΒ &Β Schematics

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Weight 0.220 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 cm