Powered Room Thermostat



The Powered Room Thermostat measures the temperature and controls a heat source such as a zone of Underfloor Heating or an Electric Heater.

This unit is both a thermostat to measure and set the air temperature in room, and a receiver which can switch up to 16A (230V). This is a mains powered device, not battery powered. As such, it is normally used to control a zone of Wet Underfloor Heating or, an Electric Heater (such as panel, convection or Infrared), or it can also control Electric Underfloor Heating. The Powered Room Thermostat is required to be installed in the room it is measuring and controlling the temperature of. This is an add-on to the Genius Hub.

The schedule for the room can be overridden by changing the temperature on the front of the device. This gives manual control as well as being able to control the room from the Genius app.

A Temperature Probe can be added to protect the floor against over-heating. This is critical for sensitive floors (such as engineered wood, laminate, vinyl or ceramics) and Electric Underfloor Heating. The floor limit is set to 28°C. The Powered Room Thermostat does not come with the Temperature Probe as standard, this needs to be purchased separately.

Alternatively, a battery-powered Wireless Room Thermostat is available. This wireless thermostat provides accurate temperature measurement in a room, along with a display of the current temperature. Similarly you can manually override a the temperature in the room from the device. However, this device does not switch a heater or underfloor heating as it is battery powered.

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