Turning the Genius Hub off in the Summer

As the Summer is heating up, you may not want to use your heating as much. If you are using the Genius Hub for controlling your hot water then you will obviously want to keep your Genius Hub plugged in during the summer, and you can turn off all of the rooms on the app which you do not want to be heated during the summer.

To turn off the rooms you are not using, the easiest way is:

  • Go to the ‘My House’ page by clicking on the house icon at the top left of the app.
  • In the bottom bar, click on ‘Turn Off’
    • This will turn all of the Radiator, Underfloor Heating and Hot Water Temperature zones off.
    • If you want to keep the Hot Water Temperature zone on, just navigate to the zone and change the mode to Timer
  • At the end of the Summer, just click ‘Restore’ from the ‘My House’ page for all of your zones to revert to their state before the Summer with their schedules ready to go.

Adjusting your lamps and lighting for longer days...

If you have a Genius Room Sensor that is not being used in a zone to control heating, you can use it to control the Smart Plugs. The Genius Hub system is primarily a heating control system, so there can be a delay of a number of seconds before the Smart Plug responds (about 2 – 30 seconds generally), this is acceptable for heating but note that this may not be acceptable for lighting.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Create a new zone on the app which is a ‘On / Off’ type of zone
  2. Go to the Zone Setup and assign the Genius Smart Plug and Genius Room Sensor
  3. Set the ‘Heating Trigger On After’ to 0 minutes
  4. Set the ‘Heating Trigger Off After’ to as long as you want the Smart Plug to stay on for
  5. Leave the setup pages, and change the mode to ‘Sense Mode’ See here how to enable Sense Mode on your Genius Hub
    • Set up the times of the day where you want it to turn ‘ON’ when there is occupancy, the rest of the time it will ignore occupancy
    • Remember to turn on ‘React to Occupancy’ when setting up the times