Genius Hub Phone Assistance

£4.99 / month


Genius Hub Phone Assistance allows you to request a call back from one of our technical team. They will help to diagnose problems with your system, and guide you through the solutions.

If you have a problem with your Genius Hub or related devices, you can request a callback from one of our technical team. They will investigate the problem and call you back with the solution. This includes tweaking the system so it works in your rooms, questions on how the system works and diagnosis for when things aren’t working as expected.

  • Get a reply within 4 working hours
  • Help covers all items purchased from Genius Hub
  • Does not cover other plumbing, electrical, boiler or network related problems
  • Price per Genius Hub
  • Monthly recurring payment

Alternatively, there is Genius Hub Email Assistance if you want to contact the technical team via email.

Links: More information on Genius Hub Assistance, Support pages, and managing subscription

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