Genius Smart Plug (Dual Band)



The Genius Smart Plug will boost the wireless signal strength from the Genius Hub to other wireless devices, and because of this stronger communication signal battery life is improved.

Larger properties need a number of Smart Plugs to give rock solid communication to every corner of the home. The Create Your System automatically calculates number required for you.

In addition, Smart Plugs can also be scheduled to turn on and off from the app. This allows you to set them up in your home and use them to control other things, for instance lamps. Each Smart Plug strengthens the wireless network, improving battery life for the battery powered devices too.

The Smart Plugs give you very reliable communication around the property by using self-healing mesh network technology. Self-healing allows for the system to recover when power is lost to devices or they are moved. A mesh network allows for redundancy, so even if a device gets damaged, another can act in its place. The more signal boosting devices you add the more it increases battery life by providing easier lines of communication back to the Genius Hub. This Smart Plug is compatible with the new Genius Radiator Valve and Communications Adapter.

The Genius Hub network does not rely on your Wi-Fi signal it runs on 2 frequencies of 868MHz & 2.4GHz. As this is separate from the mobile and WiFi connections, the network is more reliable and will not interfere with existing wireless devices in the property.

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Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3.5 cm