Wireless Radiator Valve



The Wireless Radiator Valve will wirelessly take messages from the Genius Hub, to either allow hot water through the radiator to heat up the room; or close down the radiator when the temperature is reached, in a similar method to a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV).

To control the temperature of individual rooms, you can add Wireless Radiator Valves. These wireless valves simply replace existing TRV heads (dials with a temperature gradient, numbers 1-6 or * to 5). They also come with two valve adapters to fit most radiator valve bodies (the metal part that the water flows through). Therefore in most cases there is no plumbing necessary and it is a dry installation that most DIY enthusiasts can master in minutes.

You don’t have to fit them to every radiator, just the ones you want to control, for more flexible scheduling and even greater energy savings. This product is the valve head only and does not include a valve body. To see if your existing radiator valves are compatible with the Wireless Radiator Valve please click here.

For greater control, add a Wireless Room Sensor to detect when you are using the room. We call these Footprint or Sense modes. Adding a Wireless Room Sensor to a room where you’ve installed a Wireless Radiator Valve, enables the system to learn when you normally use the room and automatically heat it ready for your arrival while also turning down your heating when you leave. The Genius Hub will constantly readjust heating patterns to suit your changing lifestyle. This makes sure you’re always warm but never wasting energy.

Technical Information

Requires the Communications Adapter to work with the Genius Hub (PH-HUB-C or PH-HUB-D). Requires Β Smart Plug (Dual Band) to boost the signal in larger properties. This product is not compatible with the older model (GE-HUB-B). If you are unsure which Genius Hub you have, see the images on this page.

Supplied with 2 AA batteries, lasts for 2 years. No tools are required to change the batteries, making it a quick and simple task. Battery warnings are provided on the app, and via the screen of the device.

Supplied with “M30 x 1.5mm” and “Danfoss RA” adapters. A 2mm hex (Allen) key is required for installation using the Danfoss RA Adapter.

Links:Β Specifications &Β Schematics

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 7.5 cm