Are you getting the most from each of your Genius Hub devices?

We realise that some people have devices in their homes which they may not be getting the most from. So we decided to make some helpful info videos for you, to explain more about the main parts of the Genius Hub. This is to help you understand more about what you may have installed in your property and possibly unlock some features that you may not have already realised that it had.

We started off with putting new info videos on the following devices’ pages

Don’t forget that we’ve also run three webinars so far and they were a big hit for some of our customers. We’ve used this time when it’s harder to get someone in to help you with your heating to answer some of the more technical questions about the setup of your Genius Hubs.

If you missed them you can catch up on two of the three webinars on our Youtube channel. We’ve also put in some handy links below so you can go straight to the part you’re most interested in:

For the latest on this and interesting heating/tech related conversations go to our forum  where you can discuss with other customers and our administrative team any questions you have and fun things you can do with your Genius Hub.