All new Genius Motion Sensor

Thanks to the feedback from our trusted pro-installers we learned that the Genius Room Sensor is not always the right tool for the job. Despite it measuring the temperature in the room really well because it can be installed at chest height and is not on the floor near a window like the radiator valves often are, as well as giving you occupancy detection for our Footprint Mode and Sense Mode, we heard that it was not always easy to locate it discretely and it do both jobs really well.

So we have developed a new Genius Motion Sensor which you can easily install anywhere inside the property with its sticky pads. This has a handy magnetic cup so you can easily attach it to a ceiling, wall or corner of a room. It is easy to adjust with its magnetic connection between device and base during setup, or if you change how the room is laid out later on. This does not measure the temperature so you can put it up high and get the best view of the room.

The Genius Motion Sensor will detect when you use the room (just like the Genius Room Sensors do), so you can use this to pre-heat the room to your preferred temperature when you are there and automatically save energy when you are not.

The Genius Motion Sensor has a wide angle lens with 4 sensor technology (just like our Room Sensors do) making it more sensitive than regular security sensors (PIRs) which often only have 2 sensors in them.

Don’t forget you can see on the app when the room is used both live and also in the charts if you have the Genius Motion Sensor or Genius Room Sensor, and you can use this occupancy to turn on other devices such as Genius Smart Plugs or Boost your Hot Water.