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Announcing: Hot Water Control

Hot water control has arrived!  Heat Genius can now control your hot water tank so you can save even more off your energy bills by only heating water when you actually need it.

If you’ve got a hot water tank that’s heated by your boiler, you can now purchase a version of the Heat Genius system that allows you to schedule your hot water tank to only be heated when you need it, and switch off the rest of the time to save energy. With this system, you can schedule your hot water tank in just the same way as individual radiators in your home; from a smartphone, tablet or any web browser.

The base Heat Genius system with hot water control costs just £299, and radiator valves and motion sensors can be added to enable automatic, zoned control.  Existing customers can upgrade to hot water control for just £50 plus installation. To order, you can simply create your system online.

If your hot water tank is heated by an electric immersion heater, it needs a different kind of controller, which we’re currently developing and will be launching very soon.  If you’d like to use Heat Genius to control an electric immersion heater, please register your interest in electric immersion control today and you’ll be the first to know when it’s launched.