Genius Motion Sensor



The Genius Motion Sensor will detect when you use the room to pre-heat that room to your preferred temperature when you are there and automatically save energy when you are not.

What’s even smarter than scheduling your radiators from your smartphone? Not having to schedule them at all! We call this Footprint mode or Sense mode. Adding a Genius Motion Sensor (or Genius Room Sensor) to a room where you’ve installed a Genius Radiator Valve or using Genius Hub to control your electric or underfloor heating, enables the system to learn when you normally use the room and automatically heat it ready for your arrival while also turning down your heating when you leave. The Genius Hub will constantly readjust heating patterns to suit your changing lifestyle. This makes sure you’re always warm but never wasting energy.

Mount this versatile device on either a wall or ceiling to face anywhere in the room. The Genius Motion Sensor has a wide angle, making small adjustments unnecessary. It is easy to adjust with its magnetic connection between device and base during setup, or if you change how the room is laid out later on.

You can see on the app when the room is used if you have the Genius Motion Sensor or Genius Room Sensor and you can use this occupancy to turn on other devices such as Genius Smart Plugs or Boost your Hot Water.

Supplied with 1 CR123 battery, lasts for 2 years. No tools are required to change the battery, making it a quick and simple task. Battery warnings are provided on the app, and via a small red LED on the device.

Alternatively, you can use the Genius Room Sensor if you want to also measure the temperature in the room.

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Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 9 × 8.5 × 6 cm