7 opportunities to recommend Genius


1.When customers ask about an efficient new boiler

With energy prices on the rise again, expect more consumers asking about ways to cut their heating bills. They might ask about efficient condensing boilers, because that’s what they’ve heard will cut their costs – but Genius provides another way to achieve the same result. Why not suggest they do both and cut their heating costs even further.

2. When a boiler can’t cope with the coldest weather

Got a customer complaining that they’re still cold even when their boiler’s running full blast?  There’s an obvious solution to that: a bigger boiler. But there’s a smarter alternative: use a ‘zoned’ Genius heating control system to switch off radiators in the empty rooms. It’s an underappreciated benefit of zoned heating control systems: they help customers stay comfortable, even when the boiler is too small to heat the whole home. If, say, half of the rooms are empty at any moment, then zoning their heating is like doubling the size of their boiler!

3. When some rooms are too cold, others too warm

Balancing a system correctly can be a pain, and many customers are reluctant to adjust radiators themselves after you’ve left. Even worse, old TRVs can become ineffective or stuck, meaning the customer can no longer make themselves comfortable. Our Genius valve heads are a lot more intelligent, monitoring the flow temperature and room temperature and adjusting themselves automatically. That means it’s always easy for the customer to get the temperature they want, with no hassle.

4. Customers in big, old and mostly empty houses

It’s no secret: it’s the customers who have rooms they use infrequently that can win big by installing zoned heating controls. Often that’s those in larger rural properties, whose children have left home or those who work at home. Genius allows them to easily heat just the parts of the property they want to use, often saving thousands per year in larger properties.

5.When they’re off the gas grid

Customers who aren’t connected to mains gas are in a tricky position: there’s really no cheap option for heating their home. Like those in large homes, they can see rapid paybacks from installing Genius zoned heating controls.

6. Landlords who pay the bills
More and more landlords are renting their houses bills-included, which means they’re looking for ways to cut the costs of keeping their tenants warm. But even the most efficient boiler won’t be much help if the tenants wander around in their underwear and leave the heating on when they go out. Genius solves that problem by automatically turning off rooms when they’re empty or when the window is open. It also makes it easy for the landlord to keep an eye on how tenants are using the heating – and know when a few stern words are necessary!

7. Hotels and guesthouses want to keep their guests comfortable

One cleaner forgetting to turn up the TRV can lead to an unhappy guest – something that hotels want to avoid at all costs. That means that most hotels simply leave all the heating on all the time, just in case – even when half the rooms are empty. Genius delivers massive energy savings while ensuring guests are always kept warm. Reception staff can easily adjust temperatures directly from the front desk. Genius isn’t just a way to reduce operating costs, it’s also way to improve guest comfort.

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