A day with smart heating control


Everyone knows what it’s like to live with “dumb” heating: you turn the thermostat up, it heats your whole house (even when you’re only using one room). But what’s it like to live with a smart heating control like Genius Hub?

07:30 – You wake up, but your heating has already been awake for an hour, heating only your bedroom and bathroom. No point heating the rest of the house, seeing as tend to skip breakfast and grab a coffee and snack on the way to work, anyway. And your heating is smart enough to know it’s a workday, otherwise it would have snoozed in, like you do!

07:45 – Your bathroom is lovely and warm for your morning shower. You’ve cleverly set this room so that it doesn’t turn the radiator on if you’re just going to the loo, only when you’re having a shower or bathing the kids. You’ve also set it to keep the radiator on for an hour afterwards, so that the towels dry properly.

09:00 – The house is empty, and all rooms are set to a cool temperature. That effectively means the boiler doesn’t run, but you always have peace of mind that it will never get cold enough for mould or burst pipes.

14:00 – The school calls to ask if you can pick up your daughter, as she’s feeling poorly. On your way to your car, you open the Genius Hub app and manually turn up the heating in your daughter’s room, and your home office.

15:00 – You glance at the Genius Hub app and can see your daughter’s room is nice and cosy, and that there’s no movement detected. It’s nice to know she’s probably drifted off to sleep.

18:00 – Your partner gets home from work and all of the downstairs has been heated, ready for you to cook dinner together. Heating several rooms at once takes your boiler longer than just “boosting” one of the rooms, but Genius Hub has looked up the external temperature and calculated how long it needs to pre-heat the rooms for, so that it’s the desired temperature at the scheduled time.

22:00 – As you climb into bed, your bedroom is at the “night time temperature” – just right for sleeping. Whether movement is detected during the night or not, Genius Hub will maintain that temperature.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of how smart heating automatically fits around your lifestyle in a way that would be a pain to achieve using manual controls. There’s no compromise in comfort, yet you’re not wasting energy heating empty rooms. Why not explore more benefits, build the perfect system for your home or ask us a question?

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