Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Since 2014 was a big hit for Smart Thermostats and the sales of these clever energy saving gadgets have doubled  according to a research done by Berg Insight, we thought it would be interesting to take a better look at them and investigate the benefits of having an Intelligent Heating Control System.

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So…what are Smart Thermostats again?

Not only do they represent the latest trend in controlling your heating but they are an amazing tool to monitor, control and lower your energy bills. Having one of these means that you can adjust the temperature from any mobile device with access to the Internet or, in other cases, you can have a cool display which can help you manually control your heating when you are at home.

With various names from Smart Thermostats to Zoned Heating Control Systems, the range of products on the market is more and more generous and if you do your research properly, you’ll be able to have a clever system which suits your lifestyle and your budget.

Why would it benefit me?

Not only will a smart thermostat enable you to monitor your heating and reduce your energy bills, but you’ll also be able to do all that with a tap or two… OK, maybe three, of a button, right from your phone. You can set up the temperature you want and then enjoy the warmth of your home without worrying about your energy bills. Over time you will notice the reduction in your energy bills, all depending, of course, on the type of heating control system you have.

Which one to choose?Which one to choose - Question mark

It’s true, there are quite a few Smart Thermostats nowadays and some are more clever than others. To give you a bit of an idea, have a look at the Which Smart Thermostats Comparison Table but also do individual research as this will allow you to form your own opinion. For instance, you can have a look at this article from PC Advisor as they came up with a Top 9 Best Smart Heating Controllers.

In this top the Zoned Learning Heating Control system Heat Genius takes the crown. Given the capability of learning occupancy patterns while heating your home through zoning, this clever device is an amazing gadget which will keep you warm and knock down those heating bills.

                                                                            Why Heat Genius is better and how does it work?

Heat Genius on The Gadget ShowBeing a smart wireless heating control system, Heat Genius is compelled of the Genius Hub, which is the ‘brain’ of the system, a Boiler Controller which tells your boiler when to turn on and off and a Thermostat which measures the temperature in your home.

But there’s more to it as the system can learn occupancy patterns, so how does it do that?

Well, it comes with Room Sensors which are motion sensors that trigger the boiler to come on when you are inside a room or they know if a room is unoccupied, and so it saves you energy.

Why heat unused rooms?

Then there’s also the element of zoning and here we have our superstars… the Wireless Radiator Valves. These electronic valves measure the temperature inside a room and when they receive a message from the Genius Hub and Boiler Controller that you don’t need to heat up a room, they will close, again saving you energy and money.

Perfect while you’re away on your Easter Holiday

Even better, if you are away on that Eco-friendly holiday destination or you’re actually hosting people in your Eco-home this would be an efficient method of turning the heating off in the rooms which aren’t used and keeping people comfortable in the rooms they do use.

This intelligent system is built in our UK warehouse so you’ll know that not only your bread is British, but also your Smart Heating Control system.

Too much?

Not a problem. There are lots of other ways to keep warm while reducing energy bills. Examples include wearing warmer clothes, making yourself a hot cuppa or exercise as the latter will keep you fit and warm. Brill combination!

So, to sum up, if you’re looking into home automation and you want the latest gadgets then you have a bit of research to do but plenty to choose from.

See what suits you the best and what budget you have and don’t forget to ask.

We’ll be right here if you want to get in touch!

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