The BIG heating control comparison table

You can read all the reviews but with an increasing number of smart thermostats becoming available in the UK, it can be hard to keep track of which features each heating control system offers. Which lets you zone your house using wireless radiator valves? Which is smart enough to learn when you’re normally around? Which does both? Okay, the answer to the last one is easy – only Heat Genius – but for all your other questions, here’s a handy comparison table we made using data from the excellent Recombu smart thermostat roundup:

System Nest Hive Honeywell Evohome Heat Genius OWL Intuition Tado Salus iT500 Cosy Climote
Kit price £179 £159 £241 £249 £180 £249 or 6.99/month £139 £169 [1]
Installed price £149 £199 On application On application On application £299 £299
Daily time zones Unlimited 4 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 6 Unlimited Unlimited
Learning [2]
Geolocation [2]
Motion Sensing [2]  
Weather Monitoring
Frost Protection
Smoke Alarm
(Nest Protect £109)
Home Automation
Electricity Monitoring
Smartphone App Control

(£36/year, first year free)

[1] Pre-launch price on kickstarter.
[2] Scheduled for future update.

Table content originally from Recombu, re-used here with permission of the author. Read their article for more information about each system.

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