Have you chosen your Eco-holiday destination?

Your Eco-Holiday DestinationAt Heat Genius we strongly believe in improving energy efficiency and therefore reducing our impact on the environment.

From a family home to a large B&B any property can benefit from reducing their carbon footprint.

So, as the warm season is already here and we know you’re thinking about your ideal holiday, why not consider an Eco-holiday destination this year? Enjoy all the comforts of a great hotel whilst doing your bit for the environment.

We have come up with our Top 5 UK Eco-Holiday Destinations to give you a head start in finding your perfect green-getaway. We’ll share all our recommendations, but for now here are two of them.

 Combe House, Devon

Combe House in Devon is a wonderful Grade 1Combe House Elizabethan Manor and a great Eco-holiday destination. As Combe House is part of the Green Tourism Scheme there are various steps that the B&B have taken in order to reach a high standard of sustainability, from sourcing local food to planting their own orchards.

However, as we pay a lot of attention to reducing energy consumption, we were delighted to find out that this Eco-holiday destination is able to provide guests with hot rainwater as well as using a really efficient boiler, which can reduce oil consumption by 30%. This is what Combe House had to say: “Sustainable projects have helped Combe House to grow naturally over the past ten years, born out of a love of hospitality”.

                                                                                  The Wold Cottage, East Yorkshire

Wold CottageLocated in East Yorkshire, this great Eco-holiday destination is part of the Wolsey Lodges Group and is a beautiful country retreat. Guests are strongly encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint by walking or cycling. Furthermore, The Wold Cottage believes in sourcing local food and therefore helping the local economy.

But there’s more! Here’s what Wold Cottage had to say: “Even our heating & hot water is locally grown as we heat the main house & cottages with a straw burner & all the
straw is grown on the farm!”

So there you have it – our first recommendations for your great Eco-destinations!                                              

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