Comparison: Heat Genius vs. iQE Halo

What’s good about iQE Halo?
iQE Halo is a simple way to control your heating and hot water, either from your smartphone or a portable control panel that you can move around your home. It comes with several parts: the iQE Gateway 370b, iQE Temperature Sensor ES301, the iQE Relay Switch SR302 and iQE Halo Display Unit 310.

What’s better about Heat Genius?
iQE Halo is quite similar to our base system (the Genius Hub), which lets you control your boiler from any web device such as a tablet or smartphone.

The big advantage with Heat Genius is that you don’t have to settle with just switching your boiler off when you’re out – with our system you can add wireless radiator valves to control individual rooms and save even more energy. Even more funky: add wireless motion sensors and the system will learn when you use each room of your house and schedule the radiator automatically!

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