A customer reviews our system on Recombu [VIDEO]

One of our customers, Adam Burgess, spoke to Recombu about how he’s using Heat Genius to bring his heating under control:

Adam says that Heat Genius has made it a lot easier to control his heating and reduce his bills:

“I’ve now managed to get all of my rooms under full control so the temperature is now comfortable everywhere, and when I need to adjust it temporarily I can do enough to tweak the temperature up or down if there’s something different going on in the house.

“I’ve been using it to finally gain control without just running the boiler permanently on, which is what I used to do. It hasn’t necessarily reduced my cost but I’ve got all the rooms now at the right temperature without having to run around adjusting everything massively.”

Read the full review on Recombu for all the details.


Heat Genius team

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