The latest Genius Hub App is available in BETA

We’ve been busy during the lockdown to bring you some new features in the app ready for the next heating season. We’ve been sure to get all of this released in plenty of time too, so you can get used to the new features before you actually need them.

Keep an eye on the AppStore or Google Play as we’ll be doing a staged rollout over July. Like always once your app is updated you’ll see a notification when you next log in reminding you to upgrade your Genius Hub to the latest firmware, to get all of the new features.

If you’re lucky enough to be one of our registered ‘Beta Testers’ then check out your TestFlight or Google Play now as you’ll already have access to the new app.

In this release we’ve made some significant updates to the doctor. This is to help you fix minor issues with your system much more easily. We run analytics on the support requests that we get through the winter and we’ve created help videos for all of the most frequently asked questions, now we’ve built these into the new app doctor too. When you are in the app doctor you will see videos stepping you through the process, from helping you to add new devices to your Genius Hub to helping you remove a stubborn Genius Radiator Valve from a radiator.

We also have support for some new devices too. The first is our new Genius Motion Sensor for more discrete occupancy detection in rooms where you don’t want to add a Genius Room Sensor, second is our new Genius Electric Relay which can be hidden behind a switch or spur to interrupt the electricity supply to something like a light or small heater. More details of this electric relay to follow in July once it has been fully released on our platform.

Don’t forget your Genius Hub is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa now and you need the hub firmware 5.3.6 or later for this to work. You will see the update appear within your app if you don’t have the latest firmware on your Genius Hub.

As always we’re not stopping there and for a full list of what we’re working on short and long term please see our R&D roadmap and our change log