Genius home vs Honeywell EvoHome

The Honeywell EvoHome is the most similar product on the market to Genius home. More than just a wireless thermostat, it offers features such as radiator control, underfloor heating control and zoned heating.

Genius Home VS Honeywell EvoHome

The one major difference between the Evohome and Genius home is the automatic β€œfootprint” mode. The Genius home system is the only system that learns the occupants movements and programmes the heating so that rooms are never heated necessarily – even if your lifestyle changes. The system uses motion sensors to keep track of which rooms occupants are using, and learning the pattern of their behaviour.


Genius home also learns how long each room takes to heat up. If you return home from work everyday around 6pm, then it will turn the heating on half an hour earlier to ensure that it’s nice and toasty for your arrival. If you spend the evenings in the living room, then it will switch the heating off in the bedrooms. Of course, you can still manually override it, but for convenience and from a financial and environmental perspective, you can just let Genius home do its job.


Finally, if you own a hotel or large house with more than 12 zones, then Genius home is more suitable because it can serve up to 30 zones per Genius Hub.


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