Genius Home vs Nest

Sleek in design and affordable to buy its initial base unit, Nest learns when you are normally at home, then programs itself. It’s a popular choice, and makes a good solution for smaller homes. It’s for larger homes where it falls down, because of its poor support for zonal control.


Genius Home VS Nest

If you’ve got wired heating zones, e.g. underfloor zones, you can buy a Nest thermostat for each zone, and a separate “HeatLink”. It’s not cheap, though. Each underfloor zone will cost you £179 and needs a wire from a location in the room to your valve controller. In comparison, a Genius underfloor zone only costs between £49.99 and £99.99, depending on your exact requirements, and is fully wireless. Electric underfloor is not something Nest offer, but is already available with Genius.


Genius home caters for as many as 30 zones, and can control radiators wirelessly – no need to rewire your house! Genius home offers TRV controls enabling users to change the temperatures of individual radiators from the comfort of your smartphone, so there’s no need to run around turning them on and off.
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